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🔹Scientists Watch a Memory Form in a Living Brain. While watching a fearful memory take shape in the brain of a living fish, neuroscientists see an unexpected level of rewiring occur in the synaptic connections.

🔹An experimental new type of cancer treatment has yielded some impressive results in mice: the eradication of advanced-stage ovarian and colorectal cancer in the animals as little as six days.

🔹Dive into the deepest structures on Earth: MetalBallStudios have created an Underground 3D comparison video, and it’s fascinating to see exactly how far down just about everything goes.

🔹As with most things, nature’s data storage system, DNA, far surpasses anything we’ve created. Adding new letters to DNA alphabet doubles density of data storage.

🔹Scientists Map Underwater Topography of More Than 1.4 Million Lakes and Reservoirs Around the World. Online bathymetric dataset will help decision-makers manage water resources.

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