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1. Herbert Boyer observed that the restriction enzymes have the capability of cutting DNA strands in a particular fashion (1969).

2. Stanley Cohen developed a method of removing plasmids from the cell & then reinserting them in other cells.

3. First recombinant DNA was formed by Cohen & Boyer.

4. Watson study on the “Effe ct of hard X-rays on bacteriophage multiplication” (1950).

5. Crick study on “X-ray diffraction: polypeptides & proteins” (1954).

6. Double helical model of B-DNA was given by Watson & Crick (1953).

7. Mendal proposed laws of inheritance in living organisms.

8. Punnet square were developed by R.C. Punnet.

9. Mendel’s results were rediscovered by de Vries, Correns & von Tschermark independently in 1900.

10. Sutton & Boveri noted that the behaviour of chromosome was parallel to the behaviour of genes.

11. Chromosomal theory of inheritance was given by Sutton & Boveri.

12. Experimental verification of the chromosomal theory of inheritance was given by T.H. Morgan.


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