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What to read today on @scientistsarena

🔹Record-breaking hydrogen electrolyzer claims 95% efficiency.

🔹Wild Paper Claims Psychopathy May Not Be a Mental Disorder, But Something Else…

🔹Scientists used the array of 196 lasers to create conditions similar to the hot gas inside gigantic galaxy clusters.

🔹Ambient nighttime light exposure is implicated as a risk factor for adverse health outcomes, including cardiometabolic disease.

🔹 Familial natural short sleep mutations reduce Alzheimer pathology in mice.

🔹Tokamak Energy achieves temperature threshold for commercial fusion. ST-40 spherical tokamak reactor reached a temperature of 100 million °C.

🔹Officials Confirm Several Geomagnetic Storms Are Hitting Earth This Week.

🔹Ernest Shackleton’s Ship Endurance – Lost in 1915 – Found 10,000 Feet Below the Ocean’s Surface in Antarctica

🔹Groundbreaking X-Ray Lens Provides Incredible Glimpse Into the Nanoworld. This allows the X-ray beams to be accurately focused on a single point even if they have different wavelengths.

🔹These spiders go off vibes to hunt in packs. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

🔹Supercapacitor-battery hybrid device is as strong as steel, lighter than aluminum and boasts a bunch of desirable properties for electric vehicles. And can be used as typical car’s body shell, for example.

🔹An exceptional fossil unearthed in Montana has given us the earliest known ancestor of vampire squids and octopuses. This Ancient ‘Vampire’ Cephalopod From 330 Million Years Ago Is a First of Its Kind.

🔹Researchers provide the first plausible explanation to why one of the most massive black hole pairs observed to date by gravitational waves also seemed to merge on a non-circular orbit. Their suggested solution,involves a chaotic triple drama inside a giant disk of gas around a super massive black hole in a galaxy far, far away.

🔹The animals that detect disasters. For millennia, people across the globe have reported alarmed animal behaviour in the run-up to natural disasters. Could these signals be used to warn us of impending catastrophes?

🔹Investigating an innovative solution for thermal energy storage. Have you ever gotten relief from summertime heat by draping a wet towel over your head? If so, you’ve benefited from a phase-change material (PCM).

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